S-215 Fire Operations in the Wildland/Urban Interface


Course Description

This course is designed to assist structure and wildland firefighters who will be making tactical decisions when confronting wildland fire that threatens life, property, and improvements, in the wildland/urban interface.

Instructional units include: interface awareness, size-up, initial strategy and incident action plan, structure triage, structure protection tactics, incident action plan assessment and update, follow-up and public relations, and firefighter safety in the interface


This course provides the student with the skills and knowledge to size-up a wildland/urban interface fire incident, evaluate the potential situation, order and deploy the necessary resources, and apply safe and effective strategy and tactics to minimize the threat to life and property.

Course Prerequisites

Wildland Fire Agencies: This course is required training for initial attack incident commander type 4 (ICT4) and strike team leader and crew

Structural Fire Departments: This training is appropriate for engine operators, chief officers, and company officers responsible for structure protection in suburban and urban interface areas that may be threatened by wildland fire.

Additionally, leaders from municipal planning, law enforcement and emergency management disciplines may find value in the course.

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